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Cyclone Assemblies

Hydrocyclone Assemblies

Our focus is small cyclones with fine cut sizes.  Ideal for lab and pilot plant uses, simply moving to a larger cyclone for increased capacity will have a detrimental impact on recovery.  In order to upscale without loss of performance we combine multiple small cyclones into compact assemblies to support any process flow demand.

Canister & Mushroom Assemblies

Canister and mushroom assemblies are used to pack multiple hydrocyclones into a compact unit with single point feed and overflows for simple connection.



Canister Assembly

The GCH10F is designed for use within a canister assembly. The GCCA1x10F is a ready made solution for low flow and lab scale applications.

  • Single cyclone assembly

  • 10mm Concentration Cyclone

  • 0.1 - 0.3m³/hr at 0.5 to 4.0 bar.

  • Cut size 1.7 - 3.1µm


Mushroom Assembly

By packing 18 GCH25N cyclones into a compact assembly to offer production scale flow capacity without any compromise to the ultra fine cut size.

  • 18 Cyclone Assembly

  • 25mm Hydrocyclones

  • 9 - 27m³ at 0.5 to 4.0 bar.

Radial Assemblies

Individual cyclones and cyclone assemblies can be further combined into radial clusters with integral feed manifold and launders and valves to provide single point connection for feed and overflow.  The integral valves will also offer control for variable flow conditions and allow spare capacity for maintenance purposes.



6 Cyclone Radial

  • 6 cyclone Radial cluster.

  • 9 - 24 m3/hr at 0.5 to 4.0 bar.

  • Integral stand with feed manifold, and launders.

  • Supplied complete with a pressure gauge and 6 50mm 5° cyclones, associated control valves & pipework.

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