New Business Area

The May 2021 launch of Gravity Cyclones marks another milestone in the growth of parent Gravity Mining Ltd. 

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Gravity Cyclones - Hydrocyclones, Cyclone Clusters and Systems

Gravity Cyclones is a trading arm of Gravity Mining Ltd. established to focus on the development and supply of hydrocyclones, cyclone cluster assemblies and cyclone support systems to the global market.

​Based in the UK Gravity Mining serves the global mining industry and provides fine mineral gravity concentration equipment.  Our core product, the MGS or Enhanced Gravity Separator, is proven to excel in Tin, Tungsten and Tantalum extraction and we are actively developing new applications such as Chromite, Barytes and Free Gold.

Hydrocyclones  are used for many purposes within the mining industry including solids removal, de-sanding, de-gritting, de-sliming, pulp thickening and de-watering.

We use them to remove slime and increase pulp density into our MGS systems and, to ensure that these operate at optimum efficiency with minimum waste, have decided to develop and supply our own range of cyclone systems, clusters and assemblies that will retain the fine particles that our own MGS systems are capable of recovering yet still operate with the reliability expected and the capacity needed by the mining industry.


Our ethos is to extract the most from the resources currently available and fine particle extraction is becoming increasingly important as the mining industry seeks to maximize recovery and minimize the environmental impact associated with the extraction of strategically important rare earth minerals.

To support this our cyclone business is focused on small cyclones with fine cut points and we are actively engaged in a project to enhance the mineral extraction capability at ultra small size fractions to recover lost minerals from waste.


As well as the supply of systems to complement our own mineral extraction products we can offer this technology for other other industry sectors including food and brewing.  Key to our offer is direct access to engineers with design experience and simple tools to quickly identify the right solution for you.