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Hydrocyclones, Cyclone Clusters and Systems

New Product

We are pleased to launch our new Loben range of compact high flow Hydrocyclone mushrooms. This video shows the innovative design of an18pc 25mm cyclone system in test; specifically designed to complement our MGS machines by desliming at 6-8microns to increase the MGS' capacity and performance. Also available as a 10pc 50mm mushroom for larger cut points

Loben meaning Tin Slimes in our local Cornish language

Who are we?

Gravity Cyclones is a trading arm of Gravity Mining Ltd. and was established to focus on the development and supply of hydrocyclones, multi-cyclone assemblies and cyclone systems to the global market.


Founded in 2014 and based in the UK, Gravity Mining serves the global mining industry and provides fine mineral gravity concentration equipment.  Our core product, the MGS or Enhanced Gravity Separator, is proven to excel in Tin, Tungsten and Tantalum extraction and we are actively developing new applications such as Chromite, Barytes and Free Gold.

What do we offer?

Hydrocyclones are used extensively within the mining industry and are a natural extension of our core business. We use them for slime removal, dewatering, pulp thickening and ore enrichment ahead of our own mineral extraction systems.  They can also be used for solids removal, de-sanding and de-gritting operations.


As well as the supply of systems to support the mining industry we can offer this technology for water treatment, tunnelling, drilling and dredging operations and the environmental, chemical and food sectors.

Fine Particle Specialisation

We specialise in small diameter cyclones for very fine cut sizes and can offer single cyclones or multi cyclone systems and assemblies to support any process flow.  We provide the complete service from concept development and testing to design, manufacture and supply of complete cyclone systems.

Direct Customer Contact

Central to our offer is direct customer contact with the technical expert.  Our ethos is to demystify hydrocyclones.  We have a free to use online calculation tool and will support any analysis or proposal with a prediction of cyclone performance.

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