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UK production facility

Our factory is situated in Cornwall, England.  We have an established supply chain and can design, build, test, deploy & support hydrocyclone assemblies and pilot systems with pumping systems, reservoirs and launders to meet any requirement.

Efficient 3D Design

We have in house 3D CAD Design capability and when needed for larger projects can call on long time partners for additional design resources.  We use modular design and modern manufacturing techniques such as laser profiling to maintain quality and minimise manufacturing lead times.

Tailored to customer requirements

We develop hydrocyclones to support specific market requirements.  These can be integrated into complete systems with pumps, reservoirs, control valves, manifolds and launders to meet specific customer requirements.

Pilot & Production Scale Systems

Established in 2014 Gravity Mining and has provided many significant installations throughout the world.  We have our own factory and an established supply chain ready to manufacture, test and supply production systems.  All installations are supported with on site installation support and commissioning and backed with ongoing spare parts availability.

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Design, Manufacture & Supply

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