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Hydrocyclones are simple devices with no moving parts. They can be used in many applications as an alternative to more expensive slurry preparation systems.

Working Principles

A vortex is created in the cylindrical body by the tangential entry of fluid under pressure through the feed inlet.


The vortex speed increases as it travels down the conical shape of the cyclone and heavier solids migrate to the sides by the action of centripetal force.


When the solids reach to the sides they are slowed by drag forces against the wall and slide down to be ejected through the spigot to the underflow.


Air is drawn in through the spigot and mixes with the liquid and finer particles making them lighter and causing them to rise up the centre in a secondary vortex to be ejected to the overflow via the vortex finder.

The recovery curve is an indicator of the probability that a particle of that size is classified by the cyclone to report to the underflow.


Cyclone recovery performance is influenced by many factors. Key factors influencing cut size include:

●     Cyclone Size

●     Particle Density

●     Pulp Density

●     Working Pressure

typical recovery curve.png


Typical applications include:

Dewatering / Thickening

Removal of water to thicken a slurry for further processing.


Classification / Separation

Separation of particles in a slurry by density and size with larger / denser particles reporting to the underflow.



Ultra-fine particles, sometimes referred to as slime, can compromise many mineral extraction processes.  Small diameter cyclones can remove these slimes without loss of valuable ore.


Solids removal / Fines Recovery

Hydrocyclones can be sized to target the removal of oversize particles while recovering fine material for specialist systems such as our own MGS.

hydrocyclones range.png


Standard Cyclones

With cone angles between 10 & 20° these cyclones are compact and suitable for a wide range of applications. We stock 50mm and 120mm cyclones and can source other sizes if needed.


50mm Cyclone

  • Cylindrical section diameter  50mm

  • Cone angle  15°

  • Vortex Finder inside diameter 15.3mm

  • Spigot diameter 10.0 - 12.0mm


120mm Cyclone

  • Cylindrical section diameter  120mm

  • Cone angle  17°

  • Vortex Finder inside diameter 40mm

  • Spigot diameter 12.0 - 16.0mm

Concentration Cyclones

Concentration cyclones feature a long body and narrow angle cone angle. When used for dewatering, and pulp thickening, these cyclones provide less overlap on particle classification and so reduce losses of valuable material to the overflow.

●     Dewater & slurry thickening.

●     Slime removal.


10mm 4° Cyclone

  • Hard wearing PU

  • 10mm diameter

  • 4° cone angle

  • 0.5 - 4.0 bar working pressure

  • 0.1 - 0.3 m³/hr flowrate

  • 1.7 - 3.1 µm cut size


75mm 5° Cyclone

  • Hard wearing PU

  • 75mm diameter

  • 5° cone angle

  • 0.5 - 4.0 bar working pressure

  • 6.6 - 11.7 µm cut size


25mm 5° Cyclone

  • Hard wearing PU

  • 25mm diameter

  • 5° cone angle

  • 0.5 - 4.0 bar working pressure

  • 0.5 - 1.5 m³/hr flowrate

  • 3.2 - 5.7 µm cut size


50mm 5°Cyclone

  • Hard wearing PU

  • 50mm diameter

  • 5° cone angle

  • 0.5 - 4.0 bar working pressure

  • 1.5 - 4.0 m³/hr flowrate

  • 5.0 - 9.0 µm cut size

Enrichment Cyclones

Often referred to as Stub Cyclones because of the wide cone angle and short body, enrichment cyclones can be used to pretreat ores prior to mineral extraction. The design offers a very large cut size for the cyclone diameter and heavy particles are preferentially directed to the underflow. The resulting pulp has a high solids content and is rich in valuable minerals. Fine material is directed to the overflow for further processing.

●     Removal of oversize solid material

●     Slurry thickening and enrichment


50mm Stub Cyclone

  • Manufactured in hard wearing PU

  • Adjustable free vortex height for fine control of cut size

  • Low flow requirement for pilot system development

  • Can be supplied as part of a multi cyclone assembly for increased flow requirements


120mm 90° Cyclone

  • Medium diameter stub cyclone

  • Increased cut size for cyclone diameter

  • Cut size can be tuned by the spigot diameter

  • Manufactured from hard wearing PU

  • Available for immediate shipment from our UK stock

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