2m³/hr Cyclone Test Rig

2m³/hr Cyclone Test Rig

Product Summary

  • 2m³/hr Cyclone test rig

  • Supplied complete with mixing tank, pump/motor assembly, control valves and pressure gauge

  • Durable progressive cavity pump

  • Electrically driven variable speed motor with control panel

  • Fine tuning of pressure via a diaphragm flow control valve

  • Continual mixing of sample in the reservoir

  • Suitable for use with cyclones up to 50mm diameter

  • Installed on a wheeled trolley

  • Available for immediate shipment from our UK stock

  • Cyclones and cyclone fitting kits supplied separately


  • Pump type - Progressive Cavity pump

  • Power requirements 3 Phase 415V 50Hz

  • Operating Pressure 0.5 - 4.5 Bar

  • Flow Rate  0.8 - 2.0m³/hr

  • Sump capacity 40L

  • Electrical standard IP66

  • Power requirements 3 phase 415V 50Hz

Hydraulic Diagram Cyclone Test Rig

Product Video