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50mm Stub Cyclone


Internal Geometry

  • ​Diameter 50mm

  • Cone angle 90°

  • Vortex Finder 16mm

  • Spigot 7mm

  • Free vortex height (nominal) 33mm

Typical Working Parameters

  • Operating Pressure 0.5 - 4.0 Bar

  • Flow Rate (water only)  1.5 - 3.0m³/hr

  • D50 Cut Size (silica) 100 - 200µm


  • ​Manufactured in hard wearing PU

  • Adjustable free vortex height for fine control of cut size

  • Low flow requirement for pilot system development

  • Can be supplied as part of a multi cyclone assembly for increased flow requirements

GCH50S CAD Model
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